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The Newmarket Allotment Association is a collection of 3 sites, all overseen by individual Managers.

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Crockfords Park

Crockfords Park allotment site is located on the South side of Newmarket, Suffolk off St. John's Avenue. The site is managed by Allan Dixon,and has an area of approximately 4 acres. Availability







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Memories of Station Allotments

as told by Gerald Robson

My first recollection of visiting the site was at 6 years of age, my Grandfather was one of the smallholders, later it was taken over by my Father and Aunt. My Aunt left and a worker was employed to help, I also helped out when I was a bit older - it was hard work too !

The site known as Station Allotments / Bank was approximately 25 acres in total, incorporating allotments and 3 smallholdings.
The smallholdings were held by Charles Honeybun, George Hewitt and George Potter, and his land latterly by John Haynes.
Charles Honeybun was a blacksmith in Moulton Road. George Hewitt used his land mainly for rearing chickens, he had about 2000 hens producing eggs. To enable him to hatch the new chicks he had an electricity supply connected. He later purchased some land on Fordham Road and transferred his operation there.
The site had many animals, pigs, chickens, goats, there may have also been a racehorse kept on the site at one time.
An old man called Tom Robbins lived in a hut on the site for years, even through the harsh 1947 winter where there were 9ft snow drifts.
Before the Crockfords Park housing development was built there was a pit where all the unusable waste materials were thrown, and when they built the houses one was built too near to the site of the old pit, the contractors had covered it over but had not marked it as a potential sinking site. This created a major problem with the house a short while later, and it is thought to have been removed and replaced with 2 other houses, with the pit being used as the garden area.
Previously to the allotments site the area had been used for WW1 army training, at one time a spent grenade was dug up by one of the tenants.
The site had a plumbed water system, but was not protected against the winter, so was often frozen, this meant that the holders had to go to the stud at the top end of the allotments to get water for their plants.
At one time a man kept a pony on the site, he also had a small cart on which he put produce and went into town to sell, unfortunately he didn’t make enough money to live on, and so had to give it up. It was also known for another man to go into town to collect waste to cook up for his pigs.



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