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Our Site Managers

Field Terrace Road
Joint Managers - Paula Roberts - 07711 574383 / Ray Shaw - 07856 202062

New Cheveley Road
Joint Managers - Ray Holmes - 07873 356684 / Lawrence Kerry - 07708 489140

Crockfords Park
Manager - Allan Dixon - 07748 885108

Site Managers Role & Responsibilities

  • 1. Ensure Tenancy Agreements are upheld and adhered to
  • 2. Ensure Livestock Code is upheld and adhered to
  • 3. All correspondence should be forwarded to Secretary and reported at meetings
  • 4. Any decisions that are outside of tenancy terms and are of exceptional circumstances should be brought before the Committee
  • 5. Site Managers cannot change the official plot sizes without committee approval
  • 6. To ensure communal areas are kept clear, tidy and risk free.
    It is not the expectation that the Site Manager physically carries out this work unless he/she wishes to, but rather organises and delegates through work parties.
  • 7. Any expenditure must be followed by a receipt
  • 8. Minimum float of £50 can only be replenished on an impress system
  • 9. Any formal correspondence should be authorised through Committee and Secretary
  • 10. Any equipment repairs, maintenance, breakages and servicing should go through the maintenance budget of the main accounts and under authorisation from three Committee members
  • 11. Petrol and strimmer blades and other sundry equipment for machine usage are permitted for petty cash spend.
  • 12. Any unforeseen emergencies e.g. burst pipes that require urgent instant repair needs authorisation from three Committee members, not including the relevant Site Manager.
  • 13. Letters for untidy plots should follow this process:-
    • a. Letter 1 - issued by Site Manager in accordance with terms & conditions
    • b. Letter 2 - the copy should be presented at the next committee meeting and list given to secretary.
    • c. Letter 3 - should be agreed at committee meetings
  • 14.Any incidents such as break-ins should be reported to police and a crime number obtained.

May 2013

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